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Azhari's focus is on the world's oldest university with a view to strengthening its position of world leadership in providing the right Islamic ideology that stands on the middle and middle ground and has a unique reputation in the academic arena at university level academic research. , and to create an Islamic image of equality and shape that will contribute to the improvement of human civilization.


Azhar University is proud to run an academic program that conforms to regional and international standards and stands to improve academic research that collects between the legacy of Islamic and humanitarian studies and between modern studies and its implementation, if it is sustainable its foundations in the gathering between nature and modernity.

And it works on:

1- To deliver a message that rests on the principles of middle and middle and equality, through the spread of Arab and Islamic heritage, and the culture of social security, and to address modern issues, and to speak to the world in its various languages, and to combat ideologies. radical politics through its graduates who gathered the foundations of Islamic integration, capable of local regional and international communication.

2- Integrating the education program with the needs of the labour market through its professional graduates in various fields, who have the ability to use the latest technology.

3- To strengthen the educational and technological research environment, to provide a wide range of advice, and to benefit from the success of modern times.

4- To provide social services and environmental development through building religious, cultural awareness, and openness to human ideas and human development in various fields.

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