How does the AU-IBAR Ecosystem work?

AUIBAR Wiki banner 2.pngThe AU-IBAR is built on a platform that is design for collaboration. As entities register their profile on the online ecosystem, and start building their content and their community, they have a better chance of being found by those either seeking to join a network or group, collaborate or engage services.

In essence the ecosystem is a place for relevant content across Animal Resource stakeholders to be found, shared, added to, and more.

The platform is not a website and thinking of it in these terms would not do justice to the functionality and capability provided. The platform is a highly dynamic space, but the dynamics are those created by stakeholders. The platform should serve to bolster the objectives of an organisation. Objectives such as membership growth, knowledge growth and management, knowledge sharing and collaboration, connection, exposure and more, are serviced by the online ecosystem (platform).

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