Who can create profiles within this ecosystem?

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The AU-IBAR Ecosystem is open to all stakeholders across the continent. Public and private profiles can be created for:

A list of the entities

Businesses in the animal resources value chain
  • Production
    • Pastoralists
    • Subsistence farmers
    • Commercial farmers
    • Agribusiness entrepreneurs
    • Breeders
  • Farm inputs and services
    • Veterinarians
    • Extension Agents
    • Agrovets
    • Paravets
    • Researchers
    • Technology developers
    • Technology service providers
    • Transporters
    • Food manufacturers
    • Sanitary and phytosanitary service providers
    • Credit/financial service providers
  • Processing
    • Quality standards inspectors
    • Medium/ cooperative processors
    • Abattoirs
  • Trade and marketing
    • Cooperatives
    • Exporters
    • Retailers
    • Wholesalers
  • Extension services
  • Financial services
  • Events (virtual and other)
  • Government agencies
  • Groups and networks
  • Ministries
  • NGOs
  • Organisations
  • Regional Economic Communities

Who can initiate a profile?

The recommendation is that only official appointees of the network, are tasked with creating the profile for the network. The appointed representative can set up an official ecosystem profile for the network and will also have the option to create a private workgroup for the network.

An example profiles for a network may be set up as follows;

African Women in Beekeeping (official public profile)

This profile will be used to grow the network’s membership and to manage and share knowledge, within the public domain.

African Women in Beekeeping (private workgroup)

This profile may be used for the network’s leadership and management team. The private groups provides functionality that enables the workgroup to create a document library, develop a project plan along with a calendar that shows when tasks are due.

Visit our support profile for comprehensive tutorials on starting profiles for networks, businesses, organisations and ministries.

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