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On the 27th of August 2013, the Government of Botswana approved that the then Botswana College of Agriculture should transform into a university of agriculture and natural resources through Presidential Directive CAB 21 (B)/2013. The decision was in line with the College’s Strategic Plan of 2009-2016 which had the vision to transform into “an agricultural university of international repute.”

The process of transformation was inaugurated when the, then Ministry of Agriculture announced the Government’s decision at a ceremony at the Sebele campus on the 12th of November 2013. On the 1st February 2016, BUAN became a University through the commencement of the Act of Parliament 12 of 2015 as a Parastatal under the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security (MoA).

The mandate of the University is to provide higher education and training in the field of agriculture, natural resources and other allied and related subjects as can be determined by the University Council from time to time. The University intends to produce market-ready graduates for the agricultural and natural resource sectors through innovative teaching and research.


To be a Vibrant World-class University of Agriculture and Natural resources.


To produce market-ready graduates for the agriculture and natural resources sectors.


Accountability - Promote individuals to own up and accept responsibility

Customer-Centric - Provide an exceptional customer experience at the point of service.

Excellence - Provide exceptional performance through productivity, discipline and quality of service.

Innovation - Embrace creativity for progress.

Integrity - Maintain high moral standing.

TeamWork - Promote cooperation and collaboration.

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