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Official Names:
Republic of Cameroon (eng)
Short form: Cameroun/Cameroon

ISO Country Code: cm
Local Time = UTC +1h
Country Calling Code: +237

Capital City: Yaounde (pop. 1.1 million)
Other Cities: Douala, major seaport and commercial capital (1.3 million), Garoua (424,312), Maroua (409,546), Bafoussam (319,457), Bamenda (321,490), Nkongsamba (166,262), and Ngaoundere (216,300).

Republic; with a strong central government dominated by the president.
Independence: 1 January 1960 (for areas formerly ruled by France) and
1 October 1961 (for territory formerly ruled by Britain).
Constitution: 2 June 1972, last amended in January 1996.

Location: Central West Africa bordering the Bight of Biafra (part of the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean)
Area: 475,650 km² (183,650) sq. mi.).
Terrain: Northern plains, central and western highlands, southern and coastal tropical forests.

Highest peak: Mt. Cameroon (13,353 ft.).
Climate: Northern plains, the Sahel region--semiarid and hot (7-month dry season);
Central and western highlands where Yaounde is located--cooler, shorter dry season; southern tropical forest--warm, 4-month dry season; Coastal tropical forest, where Douala is located--warm, humid year-round.