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Created on February 24, 1957, the University of Dakar was officially inaugurated on December 9, 1959, after a long evolution marked by:

  • the creation of an African School of Medicine, the first outline of higher education in Africa in 1918 (decree of January 14, 1918) ;
  • the creation of the French Institute for Black Africa (IFAN) in 1936 ;
  • the creation of a Certificate in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB), preparatory to medical studies and by the opening in the early fifties of higher schools academically attached to the University of Bordeaux within the framework of what was called in 1950, Institute of Higher Studies of Dakar;
  • the erection of independent Faculties in place of these higher schools to form the 18th French University, academically attached to the Universities of Paris and Bordeaux, in 1957;
  • the change of name of the University of Dakar, which became the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar on March 30, 1987 ;
  • the educational reform resulting from the National Concertation on Higher Education and the creation of the Faculty of Economics and Management (FASEG) in 1994;
  • the introduction of the LMD reform in 2003;
  • the creation of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Education and Training (FASTEF) in 2004;
  • the reform of doctoral studies in 2005.

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