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The establishment of Jimma university dates back to 1952 when Jimma College of Agriculture was founded. The university got its current name in December 1999 following the amalgamation of Jimma College of Agriculture (founded in 1952) and Jimma Institute of Health Sciences (founded in 1983).

Mission / Vision
Jimma University is a centre of academic excellence in integrating, training, research and services. The University trains higher calibre professionals at undergraduate and postgraduate levels through its cherished and innovative communities -based (CBTP), team-based (TTP) and research-based (SRSP) educational approach. The University is making every endeavour to address societal needs and promote holistic and sustainable development in the country.


  • Train competent and responsive professionals who can address the community's problems through innovative and practical means.
  • Promote the philosophy of community-based (CBE) with the aim of bringing about palpable change in the community through active community participation and inter-sectoral collaboration.
  • Contribute to societal development through the training of responsible professionals, the conduct of high-quality relevant research and professional advocacy.
  • Promote the principles of educational equity irrespective of ethnicity, religion, sex and political background.
  • Promote women's participation in all spheres of development.

Strengthen partnerships and linkages with local and international institutions for the purpose of rendering high-quality training, applied research and service

Main activities

  • Teaching
  • Research, consultancy and extension
  • Providing services to the community

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