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The University of Science and Technology succeeded the Kumasi College of Technology which was established by a Government Ordinance on 6th October 1951. It was, however, opened officially on 22nd January 1952 with 200 Teacher Training students transferred from Achimota, to form the nucleus of the new College.

Our Strategic Mandate

The Act establishing the University defines its mandate, which essentially is to provide higher education, undertake research, disseminate knowledge and foster relationships with outside persons and bodies. The strategic mandate of the University is derived from Science and Technology in its name.


To build on KNUST’s leadership as the premier science and technology university in Ghana and to be among the top ten Universities in Africa.

Mission Statement

KNUST exists to advance knowledge in science and technology through creating an environment for undertaking relevant research, quality teaching, entrepreneurship training and community engagement to improve the quality of life.

Core Values

KNUST is committed to attracting and developing excellent staff and students in order to contribute toward the achievement of the goals, targets and directions that the government has set for higher education. The following cherished values characterise the work and life of the University and are ingrained in all those who pass through the University.

In fulfilling the Vision and Mission of the University, the following Core Values would be adhered to:

Leadership in Innovation and Technology

We endeavour to maintain and strengthen our position as the premier Science and Technology University in the country leading in generating and exchanging new knowledge in innovation and technology and offering service to government, industry and society.

Culture of Excellence

We strive to be the best and maintain a commitment to continuously improve upon our status in all our undertakings - research, teaching, entrepreneurship and service - for the development of society.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity for All

We ensure an environment of understanding and respect for cultural diversity and equal opportunity among students and staff. We uphold academic freedom in our quest to advance the frontiers of knowledge and in our attempt to attain self-development.

Integrity and Stewardship of Resources

We are dedicated to exhibiting the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity, efficient utilisation of resources and a culture of accountability and responsibility in all our operations.

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