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South Valley University covers a large area in Upper Egypt, including the governorates of Qena and the Red Sea (Hurghada). The main campus is located in the city of Qena, which is located 600 km south of Cairo. The university includes nineteen colleges and two institutes, while the study began at South Valley University, A branch of Assiut University previously, in October 1970. South Valley University was dismissed from Assiut University on January 2, 1995, by Republican Decree No. 23.

The university is committed to providing the largest role for social service in the Upper Egypt region. The university is a student-oriented and regionally recognized research institution with 55,872 students in the 2020-2021 academic year. The university attracts students from all governorates in Egypt and other countries, and 1786 faculty members and assistants have been trained in The best institutions and brought to the university global horizons that enrich the educational environment.


• Excellence: for South Valley University to become one of the public universities - which apply standards of excellence in education, scientific research and the development of knowledge sources at the international level.
• Achieving high quality, innovation and stimulating learning according to international standards.
• Contribute to building sustainable development in Upper Egypt, based on the state's vision 2030.

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