Uganda Fish Processors & Exporters Association (UFPEA)

  • Head Office, Suite 401, 4th Floor, Plot 4, Next to ABSA Bank, Hannington Road,
  • Kampala
  • 24576
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Uganda Fish Processors & Exporters Association (UFPEA) Home

ServicesUganda umbrella organisation for Fish Processors
No. of Employees32,000
Key PeoplePhillip Borel, Dick Nyeko, Shahul Hameed
Area(s) ServedUganda
Hours of operation12

Uganda Fish Processors & Exporters Association (UFPEA), a non-profit organization based in Uganda that brings together all industrial fish processors in the country. Our core business is processing, value addition, and export of fish and fishery products to different destinations, including the European Union, the Middle East, Singapore, China, Japan, the USA, COMESA, and the regional market.

UFPEA is the umbrella association of all fish processors and exporters in Uganda and the current secretariat for East Africa Industrial Fishing and Fish Processors (EAIFFPA) advocates for policies supporting the fish sub-sector. Our membership currently consists of 09 fish processing firms located in Jinja, Rakai, Kampala, and Entebbe, and we employ approximately 32,000 workers, over 90% of whom are citizens. The fish industry benefits over 5 million Ugandans who derive income from their livelihoods, and we export over 29,000 metric tonnes of fish products annually, generating an average export revenue in excess of USD 116 million per year.

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The core business of UFPEA members is processing, value addition, and export of fish and fishery products to different destinations that include the European Union which accounts for over 75% of total exports in terms of volume followed by the Middle East, Singapore China, Japan, USA, COMESA and the regional market.UFPEA provides business development services to its members and through the association, efforts are made to advocate for policies that favor the fish sub-sector.