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The University of Dschang is a public scientific and cultural institution, whose mission is to develop and transmit knowledge; to develop research and human training; to bring higher forms of culture and research to the highest level and at the best rate of progress; to provide access to higher education to all those who have the vocation and the ability to do so; to contribute to support for the development and social and cultural promotion, to develop the practice of bilingualism.

Through an inclusive and participatory approach to ensure the consistency of all the elements that make up the university system, it aims to achieve in the medium term a global performance that must be reflected in the quality of teaching, research, governance, working conditions and labour relations.

Based primarily on the principles of good governance – transparency, efficiency, fairness and participation – the quality policy is a unifying and structuring axis of the University of Dschang project. This policy must materialize in an action plan resulting from a consensual approach that the various parties undertake to implement. The general and specific objectives targeted by this policy are as follows:

General objectives :

  • Aim for excellence;
  • Train to serve the nation;
  • Be in step with scientific and technological developments in the world.

Specific objectives :

  • Provide the University of Dschang with teachers and staff qualified in terms of knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills;
  • Adapt training to labour market expectations;
  • Stimulate creativity and innovation;
  • Develop the collaborative spirit;
  • Promote scientific monitoring;
  • Upgrade infrastructure and equipment;
  • Develop lasting relationships with partner companies and local communities.

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