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The University of Ouagadougou, like universities in the sub-region, has experienced difficult years. Since the advent of the overhaul in 2000, it has worked to regain its influence and former glory. Thanks: to the dynamism of its faculty that is predominantly young, the results of the CAM are eloquent: the relative social peace and political stability prevailing in the country for several years; the spirit of dialogue and cooperation that prevails between all stakeholders (policymakers, teachers, students, administrative, technical, and support workers); the implementation of modern management techniques (computers and internet communication).

To this must be added the common will of policymakers and the academic community: to improve internal efficiency and external efficiency through concrete action in increasing the intake capacity, openness of professionalized sectors and a better partnership between the university and the world of production and business; now to open this temple of knowledge to its environment, the Burkinabe society; to further orient university research towards solving the problems of development and well-being of people in all areas; intensify the development of new information and communications technology (Internet, computing, distance learning...). The University of Ouagadougou, which has always been a successful example of the mixing of peoples and strong support from the entire university community, will continue to serve as a centre of excellence with the conviction to serve Burkina Faso and the sub-region as a whole, combining basic education and vocational training.

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