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The University of Yaoundé I (UYI ), Alma Mater, is the mother of Cameroonian universities. In October 1961, following the reunification of the country, higher education was born in Cameroon under the denomination of the Institute of University Studies. Thereafter, 26 July 1962 marked the creation of the Federal University of Cameroon which became the University of Yaoundé in 1973. The University of Yaoundé I, together with five other state universities (including the University of Yaoundé II) were created by decree No 93/026 of 19 January 1993 as a result of university reform.


Develop and transmit knowledge.

Develop research and training for men.

Bring higher forms of culture and research to the highest level and correct pace of progress.

Facilitate access to higher education to all those who have vocation and ability. . Contribute to the Support of development, social and cultural promotion.

Foster the use of bilingualism.


Reinforcement of professionnalisation by promoting the relevance of curricula in order to meet labour market requirements; concern for the quality of the products and the competitiveness of the graduates on the labour market.

Consolidation of what exists through the rehabilitation of infrastructure and the reinforcement of the academic courses of study and research structure. - Modernisation of all components of the institution and the development of co-operation for greater visibility.

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