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The idea to launch the University of Zimbabwe Alumni (UZAA) was first mooted on the 5th of March, 1986, and was followed by the First Annual General Meeting (Inaugural Convention) to elect the first Executive on 28 February 1987. Mr. Honour Mkushi became the first Chairman of the Association. Then, it was called the Graduate Association of the University of Zimbabwe. During the period 1987-89, the Association had a paid-up membership of about 100.

The aims of the Graduate Association were:

  • To assist in charting the positive and progressive direction for the development of the University of Zimbabwe
  • To foster interaction between the University and any other institutions in Zimbabwe and globally
  • To provide a platform for members to communicate on and assist in academic and socio-economic issues affecting the nation
  • To provide a platform for networking among members and with the University.

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