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My journey in pig farming - By Ms. Tendai Rugare

Posted by Patricia Lumba on 04 April 2021 8:25 PM CAT
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I was one of the beneficiaries of the process that has seen more than 17 million acres redistributed in the last 15 years. The benefits involved being awarded 25 acres of land, which is being used to rears goats and breed pigs. Additionally, this land is used to grow maize and sunflower, which forms the bulk of feeds for my animals.

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Q&A with Ms Tendai T Rugare

Posted by Letswalo Marobane on 30 March 2021 11:45 AM CAT
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1. Which other branches of Cranfield Incorporated are there other than the crop farming, animal husbandry, horticulture and butchery?

Cranfield also does hydroponics and maggot production and poultry . Fast food outlet which serves grilled meat cuts( pork chops, ribs, lamb and chicken) served with fries, salads and wraps.

2. Give a full description of the farm cropping activity on the farm, and also including information on the points below:

The farm is situated in Chiredzi Masvingo Province and is a 25h farmland where cropping activities of feed is also done. Chiredzi being a southern lowveld it is characterised with high temperature and low rainfall patterns , given this background small grains do very well why Cranfield farm specialises in cropping of sorghum, p-millet, sunflower and maize which is formulated into feed cutting down on production cost of piggery and goat projects.

These crops are done under 10hectors of land and 1 hector is under horticulture of vegetables which includes carrots, onions, cabbage and covo. In a bid to cut down production cost the agri company also do hydroponics farming which is fodder farming by utilising the cropping of small grains which do very well on fodder production which are always readily available at the farm.

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