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The Republican Decree was issued to establish the University of the Gezira and its presidency in the city of Wad Madani, on November 9, 1975 AD. The choice fell on the island region because of its agricultural, economic, educational and social weight. The study began in 1978 with four colleges: the College of Agricultural Sciences, the College of Economics and Rural Development, the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (currently the College of Medicine), and the College of Science and Technology (currently the College of Engineering and Technology). The first batch of these colleges graduated in the year 1984 AD.

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Achieving and sustaining the highest levels of scientific and technical excellence in the fields of research, teaching and community service.

The message

Active participation in achieving economic and social development in Sudanese society in general and rural society in particular, with a focus on Gezira state, as follows:

  • Preparing and qualifying distinguished students and graduates, morally and professionally, in the various fields of society.
  • Increasing the number and fields of innovative applied basic research and improving its quality in all areas in which the community is right.
  • Providing distinguished service to the community in all its forms, such as application projects, training or consultations.

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