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July 08, 2021 – September 09, 2021

Digital Skills Course for Animal Health Professionals

A CPD Course: Registration Number:


Venue:  Zoom

Time: 6:00PM – 8.00PM Every Thursday

Register Here ( Click on the link to access the Google form)

Pay bill Number: 4029939 (Pay bill option. For account number, insert your name)

Amount: Ksh. 1999

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Celebrated every May 17 each year, the National Donkey Day aims to recognize the contribution donkeys make, to the national and rural economy across Kenya. It brings together animal welfare organizations from all over the country who lobby for proper animal welfare as that is what defines an animal’s well-being. The theme of this year’s National Donkey Day was ‘Donkeys for Prosperity & resilience Amidst Adversity’. This was meant to show case the role that donkeys play in supporting livelihoods, despite facing a myriad of challenges.


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